Martial God Regressed to Level 2

Alternate Name: 
The Martial God Who Regressed Back to Level 2
Deus marcial retorna ao nível 2
Lee Yungu

2레벨로 회귀한 무신
Deus marcial retorna ao nível 2
The God of War Who Regressed to Level 2
The Martial God Who Regressed Back to Level 2
Warlord Who Returned to Level 2

[NO. 4212: 'Humanity' has failed the Demotion Match.]
[NO. 4212: 'Humanity' has been deemed useless. Beginning deletion.]

As Earth was being erased after their final game ended in failure, Martial Saint Sung JiHan managed to resist deletion and saw messages pop up in front of him.

[To think someone would be able to resist being erased.]
[Let's give him an opportunity to re-challenge.]
[Player 'Sung JiHan' is returning to the time of initial entry in The League.]

When he woke back up, he had regressed back in time. Given a second chance, he swore to himself to stop the fall of Korea and humanity and take flawless vengeance against those that ruined things in his original timeline.

Follow the journey of Korea's Martial Saint, Sung JiHan, as he struggles to prevent a future of destruction and ascends as the Martial God!