A Rank Party wo Ridatsu Shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego Tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo Mezasu

UNAGI Kousuke
Yuuri (ユーリ)

"I Can't do this anymore!" Yuke Feldia, a red mage, just left his adventurer A-Rank party. After being mistreated as a handyman and ridiculed for five years, he finally snapped! And so began his desolate, unemployed life or so he thought!
Through a stroke of luck, Yuke is welcomed into an all-female adventurer party comprised of his former students!! As they defeat dungeons one after another, Yuke's strength is gradually revealed! As it turns out, this red mage wields extraordinary magic and skills?
A party of the protagonist who is a skilled supporter x newbie
A-Rank Party wo Ridatsu shita Ore wa, Moto Oshiego-tachi to Meikyuu Shinbu wo Mezasu.
A랭크 파티를 이탈한 나는, 전 제자들과 미궁 심부를 목표로 한다.
I Left My A-Rank Party to Help My Former Students Reach the Dungeon Depths!

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